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Fall 2011



Fall 2011


Life never seems to slow down.  Fall brings school and football games and so many other events that keep us on the move.    


The good news is that Hands4Hire can help you with all those tasks around your home.  Gutter cleaning, deck staining, pressure washing, wood rot repairs, painting, drywall, tile work, etc.  Our expert technicians are skilled, efficient, very clean and are personable.  You will enjoy having them help you with all of those tasks that you just don't want to do but need to get done.   

And fall is a great time to do a Home Energy Audit so that you can have your home ready for the cold winter ahead. So if you would like a better understanding of just how efficent your home is and what you can do to improve it, give us a call and set up an audit.


As always, thanks you to all of our loyal customers.  Our goal is to earn your business every day.


Chris Woodhouse



Did You Know That We Do This? 


After 7 years of being in business it amazes me that there I still get questions about what type of work that we do.  It seems that many people hire us to do a specific job like repairing damaged drywall and then think that we only do that type of work.  The truth is, between all of the technicians there isn't much that we can't do.  Here are a few of the jobs that you might not realize we do:


1.  Roof Repairs     


Roof repairs





From replacing shingles to finding that leak around the chimney, we know roofs and we fix roofs.

2.  Crawl space issues

Crawl space repair 

If you have a crawl space that looks like this, you could have major problems.  Wet crawl spaces create mold, attract termites and generally create unhealthy air in your home.  We focus on removing the cause of the water and then make sure that your crawl space stays dry and clean.

3.  Beautiful bathroom remodels

bathroom remodel

Our tile work is second to none and we can provide that modern look that will make you feel cozy.   

4.  A Bonus Room or a Porch 

Front Porch
We just finished a beautiful front porch and love building decks, screen porches or finishing out a bonus room or basement.  I would love to show you our portfolio of satisfied customers.   

5.  Restain that Front Door 

If the sun has been beating down on that beautiful red oak front door, the varnish and stain on the door will take a beating.  We sand down the doors and restain with spar varnish to ensure long lasting results.   

6.  Of course we do all of those "standard" handyman jobs like installing a ceiling fan or exterior wood rot repair.  If you are not sure if we can do that job for you, give us a call or visit our website at Hands4hire Professional Handymen


 Our Towns Habitat is World Class


Did you know that our local Habitat for Humanity has built over 200 homes in our area and has funded the construction of over 1000 homes around the world.  

  Go to this link to learn more: Our Towns habitat 



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Energy Saving Facts:

A radiant barrier (that silver sheeting stuff) installed in your attic ceiling will reflect 97% of the radiant heat away from  your home.  This will lower your attic temperature close to the outside temperature.  The effect is a cooler upstairs, longer life from your HVAC in the attic and longer life from your roof shingles. 

Shut computers off at night. A single computer can use over 100 watts of power, and most desks have one. Same with printers. When replacing computers, purchase the new energy efficient types that use up to 90% less energy.

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